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CCM Monthly Programming

 Beginning January 2024:

All programming workshops will cost: 
$5 per child / $10 per family (if more than 1 child)

Excluded workshops: Language Connection and Yoga Connection (FREE)

Financial assistance is available for families in need. Please contact us for further information.

Language Connection

A speech & language enrichment program, instructed by a licensed & certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Classes focus on developing emergent skills for understanding and using language, vocabulary development, and various forms of communication.

Yoga Connection

Yoga sessions taught by a certified pediatric Yoga Instructor. Children improve listening and attending skills, recognize and regulate emotions, learn yoga poses, practice breathing and calming techniques, and engage in sensory integration.

Music Connection

A music enrichment program, instructed by a board certified music therapist. These themed classes are adapted for all ages and abilities, and target broad goals such as movement, communication, socialization, and self-expression.

Independence Connection

A functional, life skills class for adolescents who could benefit from training to support their independence. A variety of topics are covered, including grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, organizing, time management, self-care, job skills, money management, & relationship skills.

Social Connection

A social group geared toward upper elementary and middle school students. This class focuses on emotional well-being, coping strategies, & improving communication skills for social interact ions with peers and adults. Taught through explicit instruction, role play, & carry-over activities.

Auditory Processing Connection

An auditory processing group geared toward upper elementary and middle school students. This class focuses on training the brain to make sense of what is heard, and to improve listening and comprehension skills. Target strategies include: rehearsal, chunking, visualization, & association.

Sensory Connection

Sensory-friendly classes in which children engage in creating a hands on sensory activity. Participants are able to take home their finished product to satisfy sensory needs, when appropriate.

Literacy Connection

A book club geared toward upper elementary and middle school students of all ability levels. This class focuses on reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and text-to-self connections. Each participant receives a free copy of the book.

Family Support Group

An online platform for asking questions and requesting advice about topics related to the growth and development of your child. This group consists of caregivers, therapists and professionals.


Fine Motor Connection

A fine motor group geared towards preschool aged students up to age 10. This class focuses on using fine motor and visual motor skills to complete a craft and/or participate in sensory play.

IC Cooking Connection

This class was developed to teach independence skills in the kitchen. It focuses on: basic kitchen skills, healthy choices, kitchen safety and food in relation to health. Different meals will be made each month.

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