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The Collaborative Community Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster relationships among a diverse community of caregivers and professionals that promotes learning and child development through accessible programming, resources, and expertise.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the regional leader for providing integrated experiences through therapeutic and educational programming for families and professionals in our community.

Our Mission

Our History

In September 2019, The Collaborative Community Mission (CCM) was founded and developed by an amazing group of women dedicated to serving families in Western New York. We pride ourselves in working together to build a strong community of caregivers and professionals, in a way that will best support the needs of our children.


We are passionate about providing therapeutic programs and educational services, including speech/language, sensory integration, music, movement, and functional life skills; support groups and workshops; educational classes; volunteer and internship opportunities; and collaboration with other local businesses and groups. CCM’s goal is to make our offerings fully-inclusive and accessible (free or low cost) to all children, all abilities - provide support to the children and all those involved in working with children - so that the children have the ability for maximum growth potential.

We Need Your Support Today!

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